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mewa qz 1400 to 1600 frag chain

MeWa QZ 1400 to 1600 fragmentation chains

“Sheppey Engineering, a leading name in fragmentation chains across Europe”

Andritz MeWa Querstromzerspaner QZ 1400 to 1600

Sheppey Engineering provides fragmentation chains for the Andritz MeWa Querstromzerspaner QZ 1400 to 1600 machines also known as the “Universal Cross-flow shredder QZ”. These chain pairs are manufactured in the UK and can be ordered in units of ten pairs. Stock is held in both the UK and at our operation in France.

Andritz MeWa Querstromzerspaner QZ 1400 to 1600 are normally used to process many types of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE) E-scrap, composites of aluminium, copper, plastics and for bio recycling.

All of our chains for the MeWa QZ 1400 to 1600 are manufactured to a very high specification in the UK and tested in for quality and hardness (Rockwell Hardness Testing) and the quality of welds on the Engineered heads.

Bespoke solutions

Working closely with our clients, our understanding of the industry enables us to provide bespoke solutions and tailor-made chains.

Our recent projects have included both slightly longer and shorter chains at different hardnesses; both producing different results and higher yields on different classifications of WEEE.

mewa frag chain